Formula Europa Institute & Partners are dedicated to building pan- European measures and standards for Government Performance in Economic Development Strategic Planning & Management


ESPAC Initiative

European Economic Development Society

Strategy for Improving South European Regions Competitiveness http://spiderfrog.com/?online-gambling-paypal-us=20

Integrated System of Regional Centers for Expertise in Economic Development

Training open for registration: Certificate Program for Economic Developers

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Disclaimer:  Institute for Research, Innovation, Territorial Development and Public Management Formula Europa is organization supporting the EU policy making process. Dealing with this document following principles of the EU should be taken under consideration:
(…) Democracy depends on people being able to take part in public debate. To do this, they must have access to reliable information on European issues and be able to scrutinize the policy process in its various stages.
(…) the Institutions and Member States need to communicate more actively with the general public on European issues.
(…) The Institutions and national authorities must reinforce their efforts to consult better on EU policies. Better consultation complements, and does not replace, decision- making by the Institutions.
(…) The Union is based on the rule of law.

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