ESPAC Initiative Development

On March 11, 2011 five Partners submitted a Project Proposal under ESPON Program focused on the need of modeling European System for Strategic Planning Capacity Assessment & Certification. The overall objective of the Project Proposal was to determine and secure the Optimal Capacity for Strategic Planning which each European national, regional and local government should develop as a pre-requisite for competitive economic development. The project was not approved for funding. ESPAC Project Resume

Given the importance of the problem which ESPAC Project was addressing, Formula Europa Institute (one of the five partners mentioned above) approached the European Association of Regional Development Agencies (EURADA, and Knowledge Economy Network (KEN, ) with the suggestion for joining forces.  On July 6, 2011, at their First Work Meeting in Brussels, the three organizations discussed the need of raising the EU Community attention to some trends in the field of Territorial Development which are important for European citizen’s economic security and European Economy competitiveness. Minutes of the First Work Meeting

On July 15, desiring to participate in the common European efforts for preserving the European Social Model via securing competitiveness, improving the governance culture, governing process and administrative capacity of the policymakers and decision- makers on all level in all sectors in the EU the three organizations, EURADA, KEN and FEI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

In the framework of this Memorandum of Understanding, founders and associated partners will join forces in developing and promoting European System for Strategic Planning Capacity Assessment and Certification which hereafter will be referred to as ESPAC Initiative. The overall objective of ESPAC Initiative is to determine and secure the Optimal Capacity for Strategic Planning which each European national, regional and local government should develop as a pre-requisite for competitive economic development. The ESPAC Initiative is an answer to the challenges which the founders have experienced with regard to the significant lack of capacity in the field of strategic planning among some governments in Europe.  The lack of Strategic Planning Capacity hampers successful implementation of European Cohesion Policy and EU financial instruments.

At a work meeting on July 17, 2011, Founders agreed on the next Steps to follow:             

Step 1. The ESPAC Initiative Founders will take actions towards extending the Partnership and building expert and institutional support ( Declaration of Support) for introducing the idea for such a system in Europe;

Step 2. The members of the extended Partnership will be invited to designate their representatives into Working Groups and Committees which will assist the process of building pan European Measures and Standards for Economic Development Strategic Planning; .

Step 3. Once the Standards are built, they will be offered to the European Accreditation Board for approval and to the ISO 9001 – 2008 certification companies for implementation.

Kick – off meeting with Associated Partners is planned for end of September, or beginning of October 2011 (during EU Regions Open Days).

Actors which this message should reach

Trends which the Partners believe should be noticed:

Drivers for improvement suggested

Steps suggested

Action  Plan


Memorandum of Understanding  EURADA, KEN, FEI

Original ESPAC Project Application Form submitted under ESPON Program but not  funded


On November 30, 2011 we are pleased to announce that the ESPAC Initiative is ready to hold its First Coordination Meeting on December 9, 2011 in Brussels. We have succeeded to establish a very productive relationship with the ISO 9001 – 2008 IWA 4 Secretariat, located in Mexico, responsible for institutionalizing the International Workshop Agreement 4, transforming it to an ISO International Standard. The ESPAC Initiative will participate actively in this process. The results we are supposed to achieve will improve the Local Governments’ performance around the world. The ESPAC Initiative will actively contribute to achieve this goal in the field of Economic Development. The updated ISO 9001 – 2008 Standard will serve as a ground for ESPAC Initiative to fulfill the rest of its Work Program.

We are privileged to have Mr. Carlos Gadsden, Executive Secretary of the International Foundation for the Development of Reliable Governments (FIDEGOC), and Mr. Bob Alisic of FIDEGOC attending the ESPAC First Coordination Meeting. Date:  December 9th, 2011 (Friday) Time suggested: 13.00 – 15.00 h. (To Be Confirmed) Venue: To Be Confirmed. You can access the ESPAC First Meeting Agenda also by visiting the ESPAC Initiative website. Please be advised that the ESPAC Initiative web site was updated lately with the ESPAC Initiative Video Presentation in order to help concerned parties, institutions and general public to understand better the nature and the objectives of the project. Your remarks and recommendations are highly appreciated.

First Coordination ESPAC Initiative Meeting Agenda







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