What is IWA4?

What is IWA4?
The IWA 4 is a touchstone for Local Governments in the world who are looking for models of quality and reliability. IWA4 provides guidelines for continuous improvement of the Quality Management Systems based on the implementation of ISO 9001: 2008
The purpose of IWA 4 is to help Local Governments to:
• Provide reliable services capable to earn the credibility of its citizens and in doing so, to implement a Quality Management System in a comprehensive manner covering all products and services rendered to their citizens
• Ensure adequate compatibility between the objectives, policies and strategies of their  Quality Management System
• Optimize human, material and financial resources through the continuous improvement of internal processes
• Create synergy between local development planning and the Quality Management System in order to  Provide citizens with quality products and services that are both:  effective and efficient.