Who will decide?

Who will decide?
ISO National Member Bodies  (NMBs) will decide the outcome of this process.  The votes of the EU NMBs are important. The final voting on the IWA4 Transformation into International Standard will take place sometime in May – June, October 2012. The expected timing of the procedure is:
IWA 4 Procedure to possibly become an International Standard
Update on the expected timing: April – May – October 2012
April 18 – 20, 2012.
Name of the procedure:  ISO/TC 176/WG04 (Working Group) Meeting
Goal: Producing DIS (Draft for International Standard) approved by WG04 Experts
Action: Voting on CD (Committee Draft) to present a  DIS (Draft for International Standard)
Who will vote: Experts accredited by their respective ISO NMBs
Venue: The ISO/TC 176/WG04 Session to be held in the City of Leon, Mexico
Dates: April 18 – 20, 2012
Beginning of May, 2012
Name of the procedure: DIS Editorial Committee Approval
Goal:  Editorial Review and Adjustment of DIS
Expected timing: May 1, 2012
May-June/October 2012
Name of the procedure:  Period open for Voting on DIS
Outcome: Approval/Disapproval of DIS
Venue: ISO Live Link website
Time: Between 30 to 60 days after DIS is uploaded to ISO Live Link website, early May
Who will vote: All National Member Bodies (NMBs) “P” Category