About us

Formula Europa Institute (FEI) is an organization for Vocational Education and Training (VET) registered in Belgium by the Court of Commerce in Dinant in 2008.
Registration Number: 0808.195.090.
On December 14, 2012 in Brussels, Formula Europa Institute founded the European Economic Development Society.
Registration Number: WL22/16269
1. Maintain and expand a broad base membership of individuals and organizations engaged in Economic Development  at local, regional and national level in Europe.
2. Identify and address emerging and evolving issues concerning Governance Performance in Economic Development.
3. Encourage and support educational programs in various formats to enhance the capabilities and competence, also to promote the certification process for professionals in Economic Development in Europe.
4. Encourage and support cooperative research to improve government technologies in economic development for the long-term benefit of the European public.
5. Assure acceptable minimum quality levels and performance of governments and their members by establishing standard specifications, guidelines, and certification programs.
6. Establish standard testing and performance analysis systems and procedures for accession in Strategic Planning & Management Government Performance.
7. Communicate with and influence governmental entities regarding public responsible technologies, benefits, and issues associated with government performance in Economic Development Strategic Planning & Management.
8. Encourage and support forums and methods for exchanging information & experience on government performance in Economic Development Strategic Planning & Management.