ESPAC Initiative

ESPAC Initiative Overall Objective:
Developing and promoting the European System
for Strategic Planning Capacity Assessment and Certification
Objective 1: Determine and secure the optimal capacity for strategic planning which each European national, regional and local government should develop as a pre-requisite for competitive economic development
Objective 2: Observing European Governments’ Performance in Economic Development and Jobs Delivery and promoting policies and instruments for improvement
Objective 3: Observing the ISO Standardization & Certification Process in order to assist ISO Standardization, Certification & Accreditation bodies in optimizing ISO certificates as instruments for improving Local Governments’ Performance in Economic Development and jobs delivery. Making proposals for updating ISO Standards meant to regulate auditors’ competence.
Step 1. The ESPAC Initiative Founders will take actions towards developing and extending the partnership and building both expert and institutional support for introducing the idea for such a system in Europe.
Step 2. The members of the extended Partnership will be invited to designate their representatives into working groups and committees which will assist the process of building pan-European Measures and Standards for Economic Development Strategic Planning.
Step 3. Once the standards have been successfully established, they will be offered to the European Accreditation Board for approval and to the ISO 9001 – 2008 certification companies for implementation.
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