Integrated Vision SEE 2020 Project

The crisis is a wake-up call, the moment where we recognize that “business as usual” would consign us to a gradual decline, to the second rank of the new global order.
This is Europe’s moment of truth. It is the time to be bold and ambitious.
Our new agenda requires a coordinated European response, including with social partners and civil society.
José Manuel Barroso
President, European Commission
Debating Integrated Vision “SEE 2020”
It is time for South East Europe to turn from an ugly duckling into a swan!
By Nadya Gabriel
Managing Director, Formula Europa Institute, Brussels
It is time for consensus and the creation of an integrated strategic vision for the development of one of the most strategic regions of the world. A vision built by the people who live here. It is time for South East Europe to capitalize on its tremendous potential and turn into an engine for growth in the European economy. This future can be forged by strategists if they put aside any interests other than those of the territories for which they are responsible and those of the people of those regions who have placed their trust in them. Building Integrated Vision SEE 2020, which reflects the goals set up by Strategy Europe 2020, will be the first big step in this direction. More…